Water Heaters Can Be Dangerous If Not Properly Installed and Maintained


(Langley, BC)– One of the most dangerous appliances in a home is the water heater. This seemingly innocuous appliance is often hidden away in closets or basement corners and rarely thought of until disaster strikes. Unfortunately, leaks are not all a person needs to be concerned with. With proper installation and maintenance, water heaters will safely provide hot water to a home or business and last their complete lifespan, which is normally between ten and fifteen years.

According to Langley Plumbing Company, one of the most important things a homeowner can do to maintain the safety of their water heater is to make sure they inspect it at least once a month. Sam Adams, a representative of Langley Plumbing spoke on the importance of inspections. “Many of our customers are surprised to learn of the dangers of water heaters. We try to educate them so they are aware of how to properly inspect their water heater once a month. These inspections will not only prevent big leaks but will also prevent injuries from water heater malfunctions.”

Although rare, water heaters can explode, especially if they are gas models. An inspection can reveal loose fittings, corrosion, and safety valve issues. When a safety valve fails, this can cause overheating of the tank which can lead to catastrophic damage and injury. Sam Adams recently explained how individuals can test their temperature and Pressure Release Valve.

“All you need to do is pull up the test lever a few times. This is typically made of brass but can differ among models. When the lever is lifted, hot water should begin rushing out of the drain pipe. If this does not happen or the water simply trickles, the valve needs to be replaced. If you are uncertain about testing the valve, give us a call and we will be glad to come out and perform an inspection so we can check for repair issues.” says Adams.

Taking a few minutes each month to check the valve and tank will give individuals peace of mind in knowing their water heater is operating safely. When issues are discovered, a plumber needs to be called immediately so the tank can be repaired or replaced. Sam Adams invites everyone who is concerned about the safety and performance of their tank to visit

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