The Essentials of Hunting – The Basics

Snow Goose Hunting Guide for Beginners

Even though you don’t see them as intelligent creatures, snow geese actually are quite smart when it comes to early detection of them being hunted by humans. This is the reason why most newbie hunters will find themselves failing at first try. In fact, they’re so smart that before landing on a place to feed and take shelter, they will inspect if there are no dangers or risk below.

So if you want to be successful in hunting snow goose, you first have to accept the fact that it requires a lot of hard work, time for training, and knowledge about this type of animal. So here’s a simple guide to make sure your first hunting trip translates into success.

Of course, the first step in the trip is driving into some back roads to find fields where snow geese are expected to flock in order to feed. But you can’t just go out there with your guns blazing. Once you find the right field to hunt, you first have to ask permission to hunt from the owner of the land. Never go on hunting without the express consent of the landowner because if you do, you’ll definitely find yourself in serious trouble.
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Don’t worry about the snow geese seemingly flying away because they are likely to return to the same field if there still is food. Setting out decoys effectively and catching a snow goose in a couple of attempts are key to success because these birds will never to a field where they were shot at; so it’s win or go home for you literally.
The Essentials of Hunting – Revisited

For successful spring snow goose hunts, you must put in the effort to hide any signs of human presence since the birds have a good memory in recalling if there indeed are humans in the area. Some of these signs include tire tracks, plastic bottles, tools, and anything that seems to be out of place.

Meanwhile, you have to wear the right clothes when hunting for snow geese. For instance, wearing camouflage clothing in a forested area is smart; the same goes for white gear if the ground is still covered in snow.

Finally, if you’re hunting with a partner, it is important that you first have to agree on fields of fire, the purpose of which is to make sure shooting opportunities aren’t wasted.