Laniloha Launches Awareness Campaign Targeting Common Unseen Health Hazard


(Colorado Springs, CO)– According to reports from the World Health Organization, half of humanity now suffers from varying degrees of allergies. Studies have traced a significant portion of these cases to a microscopic foe present in virtually every home across the globe. With this in mind, Shawn Gibson of Laniloha ( has launched a campaign to raise awareness of this allergen.

Said Gibson, “Not all that long ago, ongoing allergies were an exception to the rule; today, they’re the norm. Most people simply accept the statistics as unavoidable and follow their doctor’s instructions to help mitigate the effects. Little do they know, their pillows could actually be the primary source of their suffering. Standard pillows are breeding grounds for dust mites, leaving billions of people unknowingly subjecting themselves to hundreds of these tiny, unseen creatures as well as their byproducts while they sleep.”

Previously mentioned WHO reports implicate dust mites in an estimated half of recurring rhinitis and asthma instances in adults; furthermore, up to 80 percent of childhood asthma cases are attributed to this organism. Those currently experiencing allergic rhinitis at the hands of household dust mites are believed to be 33 percent more likely to develop asthma over time than the shrinking portion of the population not affected. This development has propelled dust mites to first place among leading causes of asthma worldwide.

Keeping indoor humidity levels at or below 50 percent is advised to minimize dust mite growth. This measure can be achieved through adequate ventilation, dehumidifiers and minimal use of vaporizers and humidifiers. Authorities likewise recommend washing bedding weekly to minimize exposure to dust mites as well as well as their waste products. Conventional pillows should be replaced at six-month intervals or more frequently for those with more severe sensitivities. Allergists also point to fabrics designed for dust mite mitigation as an effective option. Examples of this type of alternative can be found at

Concluded Gibson, “Dust mites live in all our homes, taking refuge in our beds, carpeting and other areas, continually having a negative impact on our health. They can’t be completely eliminated, but they can be managed. We want to help combat allergies and their severity, and our pillows are designed for that purpose as well as many others. Simply trying to get a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be hazardous to your health. With the right measures in place, it doesn’t have to be.”

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Laniloha is a small family-owned business located in Colorado Springs, CO. Producing luxury products everyone can afford, the firm realizes not every pillow is perfect for every person. For this reason, they offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. With a goal of giving back to the community, Laniloha donates 10 percent of its profits to help the homeless and needy.