How to Prepare for an Exterminator Visit

An insect infestation is every homeowner’s nightmare. The sense of violation, coupled with a fear of germs is wholly unnerving, especially when many exhaust their efforts attempting to prevent such an issue. Most rush out to find a pest control company, in hopes to stop the problem before more damage can be done. But in the process, may neglect to determine the best way to protect their home and family members during the treatment. Not only that, there are also ways you can prepare your home to shorten the exterminator visit to increase effectiveness and lower the cost.

1.) Contact a handful of pest control companies in your area. Ask about their licenses and the types of chemical used in homes. Keep in mind, not all chemicals are safe for children or your pets. Choose the most affordable vendor with the best reputation in your area.

2.) Remove your items from the affected rooms and spaces in your home, and place them into boxes. This means food should be taken out of your cupboards and off of the counters in the kitchen, while any paper liners on your shelves need to be removed, as well. Those infested with bedbugs will need to wash all of their laundry in the affected rooms, and place all clean, soft items into plastic bags to prevent the bed bugs from returning to these items. Unplug your appliances, as well.

3.) Thoroughly clean your home, including the drapes and carpets. Use a steam cleaner, when possible. You should also move furniture to the center of the room, off of the walls, as well.

4.) Find a friend or family member who can watch your pets and children for a few days to ensure they are safe from potential chemical exposure.