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How to Travel Responsibly during Covid-19

One of the things you need to do before travelling is doing a research. You need to do thorough
research before deciding to travel. Especially in this pandemic, you need to know if the virus is
spreading in your area, and the places you wish to visit. If the virus is spreading in both the areas,
then it might not be the best time for you travel. But if there is no much spread of the virus in
both areas, then start planning right away. Start booking your travel tickets as soon as possible
and make your hotel reservations as early as it is. This is not the time to plan abrupt visits,
therefore, you need to take your time doing a research on where you will want to visit. Planning
ahead of time shows how responsible you are and it will also prevent the spread of the disease to
other people.

Another responsible way to show that you are responsible is by protecting the public. When you
plan on the place you want to visit, you should have in mind that you are going to meet different
people from different parts of the community. Therefore, you are obliged to always make sure
you are adhering to the covid-19 regulations. Practice social-distancing measures at all times,
whether in the public transportation or in restaurants or even when you are in places where there
is a crowd. If you board a public transportation and see that they are not observing the social-
distancing, then you need to get out and board one which is observing the social-distance
measures. When you go to eateries, make sure the seats are arranged 6feet away from each other,
but it is recommended that you takeaway your food, this is much safer because you will have
your food at your place. You should avoid overcrowded places because in these cases social-
distance is not observed. Once you have adhered to social distancing, make sure that you are
always wearing a mask when speaking to someone. Only remove the masks when you are eating
or drinking or when you are alone in your hotel. This way you are keeping safe and also
protecting others. Carrying your sanitizer at all times will also keep you safe, you will be
touching many surfaces and hence you will need to sanitize yourself. Carry your mask and
sanitizer at all times.

Before travelling, it is best that you get a covid-19 test. This will determine whether you will be
able to visit the places you want or not. If the test turns out positive, then you need to postpone
your visit to a later date until you completely recover. If the test result comes out negative, then
you can go ahead and plan your visit. Although you are safe to travel, you do not know the
people you will be travelling with, and people you will come across to those places you will
visit. Do not forget to always take care of yourself during your travel and back. When you come
back from your visit you shoul

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