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Tips for Choosing the Right Senior Care Facility
The decision to take your senior loved ones to a senior care facility is hard but when you get the right facility, it won’t be too difficult. You need to choose a place that you are sure will provide the best care to your loved ones. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the best senior care facility :
Security and safety. Security is one of the most important factors to consider. The safety of your loved ones is necessary because you don’t want to be called and told that something bad has happened to them. Ensure that the facility you choose is in a safe neighborhood, has trusted staff members with no criminal history, good fire alarm system, pull cords for emergencies and even grab bars in bathrooms. Once you are sure that the facility is completely safe, you can now consider choosing it.
Staff and management. You are leaving your loved ones in the hands of the staff so you need to ensure that the staff is caring and respectful. Ensure that the staff is welcoming and friendly. You don’t want your loved ones to be treated coldly. Check if the staff are available to the residents around the clock and attend to their needs. Does the staff interact with the residents, listen to their requests and answer their questions? On the management side, is the executive director available for the residents and a meeting with you and your family?
Food and nutrition. The elderly are at a age that requires only nutritional food and therefore the facility you choose should offer this. If your loved ones have special dietary needs, ensure that the facility you choose meets these needs fully. There must be a nutritionist in the staff to ensure that the residents eat what they should to be healthy and strong.
Activities. You don’t want your loved ones to be bored out of their minds when they move to the facilities. Check out the activities offered in different facilities and ask your loved ones which ones they prefer. If they would really like to take their pets to the facility, check if pets are allowed or at least pet visits. What your loved ones want is really important since it makes them happy and that is what you want them to be.
Cleanliness and maintenance. Is the facility spotless and odorless. You want a place where your loved ones are comfortable and happy. In their old age, your loved ones are vulnerable to diseases. The dirtier the facility, the more the risk of getting sick is and you definitely don’t want this. You should also choose a place which is well maintained. You don’t want your loved ones to step on a creaky step and fall.
Personal services. Check out the specific personal services that the facility offers and ensure that they are what your loved ones need. . Check out the residents there. Do the residents look clean, well groomed and dressed appropriately? Do they look like appropriate and friendly housemates for your loved ones?
Do your research and find out which facility meets all the above requirements in Dallas, Georgia and choose if for your elderly loved ones.

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