Benefits of CBD for Horses

Riding and caring for a horse can be incredibly satisfying, but it comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Horse owners need to do everything they can to ensure that their animals are in good shape, both physically and emotionally, to ensure that they will also enjoy going out for rides. Read on to find out how using CBD for horses can help.

Managing Pain

Since most horses spend a lot of time out running in the field, they’re prone to injuries like sprains, fractures, and hoof wounds. Horses can also fall prey to a condition called Laminitis, which can be quite painful.

CBD offers horse owners a safe, natural method for reducing pain in horses. It works with the animals’ natural endocannabinoid systems to inhibit the pain signals emitted by damaged cells from reaching the nervous system.

Reduce Inflammation

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a powerful antioxidant and is known to reduce the number of inflammatory cytokines found in horses’ bodies. These inflammatory cytokines are known to contribute to everything from autoimmunity to allergies, which makes CBD a powerful tool for fighting chronic health problems.

Stress Reduction

Just like people, horses experience stress. Some suffer from what’s known as “arena anxiety” during or after competitions, while others get stressed out in enclosed trailers.

Signs of anxiety in horses include reduced activity, aggression, sudden changes in appetite, and depression, but CBD can alleviate both the underling anxiety and these unpleasant symptoms. What’s more, it does so without affecting horses’ personalities.

Improved Digestive Health

CBD reduces inflammation not just in horses’ joints, but also in their digestive tracts. It can also prevent allergies, reduce nausea, and improve appetite. This makes it perfect for treating issues ranging from bloating to heartburn or even stomach ulcers.

Improved Nutrition

Hemp-based CBD is a nutrient-rich supplement. It contains omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids, many important vitamins, chlorophyll, protein, and more. Plus, unlike soy, it does not contain oligosaccharides or trypsin inhibitors, so it doesn’t produce gas.

The Bottom Line

CBD is a safe, natural substance that can be used to treat a diverse array of physical and emotional problems in horses. It’s also a great dietary supplement. There are few horses that could not benefit from CBD supplementation.