Beautiful Garden on Your Wall

This is about how to create a new look for the wall especially in being the decoration. Using the living plants, we can also decorate our wall especially for the outside wall with the plants. Then, are you asking for what kind of the decoration is that? Yap, this is about wallpots. This is such kind of pot which is planted with plants but we can put the pot on the wall. Have you imagined that? Yes, this is the wall with the plants on it. This is such a beautiful and new thing that may you seen ever. Imagine that there is no space enough for having a garden, this can be the way to create your garden but it is all on your wall.

Being a new thing for those people who don’t have it on their place, san diego has been done for this kind of pots on the wall things. If you go there then you will find the place with many plants on the wall. This is just like a living wall that we can enjoy and see about the beautiful it is. The specific place is Mission Hills. There, it has been educated since 1910 about to work with living walls. If you want to learn how to create your own living walls, you can go there to find something new for your walls.

The benefit of having the garden on your house can be done with doing this stuff. Having plants on the wall aside your house seems good for having refreshment for the air and the vision. Don’t to be hesitated in having such kind of a living wall. Besides we can plant some green plants, we can also improve our creativity with planting some vegetables on the pot. This is great for your gardening activity which absents of wide space for the plants.

So, by knowing this new thing of living walls, you who are a house owner which wants for having a nice refreshment garden around your house, living walls can be your great choice. To remain you again, Living walls, Livingwalls are the pots which are being designed in order to plants some green plants or any plants on them and we can have it putted on the walls. In the other words, if we did this, it is just the same with having a garden but absents of wide space of land.