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Understading The Impacted Wisdom Tooth

The wisdom teeth are located on the back on the mouth. The take more than 20 years to grow. Impacted wisdom tooth is a common issue among the adults. The wisdom tooth partially break from the gum or is completely stuck.

It is vital to note that wisdom teeth are challenging to clean. As a result food can get trapped in them. Bacteria will then multiple can will cause issues such as swelling, pressure, and itching around the area. The wisdom tooth on the other side is going to cause aggravation on the swollen part; this will irritate, and you will be unable to eat. Cavities, gum disease, difficulty in flossing, and crowing of the nearby tooth are other complications that are associated with the impacted tooth. Due to these complications, the dentist will recommend immediate treatment even you are not showing any symptoms.

If a doctor suspect that you have an impacted wisdom tooth, there are going to diagnose it in various ways. The oral doctor will request you to open your mouth for physical examination. An x-ray is another method of diagnosis. The dentist will be able to judge whether it is the tooth that is impacted or there is bone damage. If it is proven that you have an impacted tooth, the dentist is going to recommend the best treatment.

If you are having an impacted tooth, the doctor will recommended a surgery. It is a simple procedure, and you will go home on the same day. The procedure can either be done on either the local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or the sedation anesthesia. The oral surgeon will make an incision on the gum; he/she will then professionally remove the part of the bone that is causing the problem. The dentist will then close the incision using stitches and then use gauze to pack the area. The procedure will take approximately 45 minutes.

It is vital to note that oral surgeons who are experienced can deal with the problem without cutting the gum; however, they need to have the right equipment. The procedure is expensive but has many beneficial; a patient will not experience post-operation symptoms such as nerve damage, pain, and swelling on the part that is operated. The method works by using ultrathin and sharp equipment to dig through the periodontal ligaments that is one the impacted wisdom tooth. For more details about the removal of the impacted wisdom tooth without surgery, click on this page.

It will take roughly about six weeks for the wound to completely heal. However, you can get to the normal activities a few days after the surgery. Following the doctor’s advice about taking pain killers, managing discomfort, and using the cold compression.

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