Booking A Corporate Event For A Large Group

Corporate events require dining options for attendees. The type of event determines if they need casual or formal dining. Booking a corporate event for a large group requires all details upfront and helps caters determine if savings are available.

Calculating the Total Number of Attendees

When planning a corporate event, it is necessary to determine how many guests are attending the event. Calculating the total number of guests makes it easier to determine how much food is needed for the event and what options are the best choice. Typically, catering services offer discounts on larger orders according to how many entrees the company orders for the event. Providing the total number of guests helps the business owner and the caterers determine what options are available to accommodate the large group.

Giving Guests a Choice for Their Entry

Some corporate events are set up as a sit-down meal and allow the guests to choose what entry they prefer. When the invitations are sent out, each guest must respond by indicating what entree they prefer. The information makes it easier to get a total count for each entry and ensures that all guests get what they want. When the meals are served, the caterer delivers food to each table according to the seating chart and the preferences of each guest. It’s easier for the caterer to coordinate with the waitstaff and make sure the right foods are delivered.

Reviewing Dietary Restrictions

Some guests may have dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating certain foods. It is a great idea to determine what guests have these challenges and figure out what foods are more ideal for them. The option is great for anyone who has existing medical conditions or who are either vegan or vegetarian.

Placing the Order for the Catering Services

After all selections are made, the company sets up the order for catering. It’s possible to reserve catering services via the provider’s website or by calling them. The company provides a credit card payment to cover the costs.

Businesses need catering for their events. All food selections can offer something for everyone even those with dietary restrictions. Business owners who want to set up catering services can learn more now about how to hire a catering provider in Singapore today.